New Summit Academy–a model of innovative, integrated, & holistic education for young men!

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Working with young men and their families to turn challenges into adventures since 2005!

Mission: NSA nurtures students toward healthier lifestyles through problem-solving and processing experiences to become more relationship-based, goal-driven, resourceful global citizens.

Located in a beautiful mountain town in Costa Rica, NSA is an independent, year-round, personal growth boarding school for teen boys. NSA offers an excellent environment for personal insight-building, engaging college preparatory academics, and adventurous experiential education.

Why Choose NSA Costa Rica?

Personal Growth

Milieu Therapy: The Personal Growth department boasts licensed therapists and also therapist assistants who are humanistic, empowering mentors to students in the milieu after school and on weekends. By participating in sports, meals, meetings, and “hang out” time, these genuine relationships are based on interactions that promote mutual respect, trust, connection, and encouragement.

Philosophical Approach: NSA’s humanistic, relationship-based, process-focused approach to problem-solving & community living is unique & extremely beneficial to our students. The infusion of Costa Rican culture in personal growth is an amazing asset to the development of insight, identity, & independence.


Teachers are passionate about Multiple Intelligences education with high college prep standards to help students both engage in learning & achieve academic success for college and the work world.

Going to school in Costa Rica offers a whole new array of activities & resources that most high school students do not have the opportunity to experience. This unique experience is not only beneficial to a student’s personal growth, but also to a student’s application & readiness for independence in college.

Experiential Education

Aventuras every quarter integrate academic & personal growth objectives on unforgettable week-long nature adventures throughout Costa Rica. Recreational Aventuras and community service opportunities allow students to travel and experience other communities, learning about the world around them.

Cultural Immersion: Daily sports, weekly homestays with their own Costa Rican family & fun weekend recreation activities allow students a chance to live a healthy lifestyle while taking healthy risks to build confidence & learn from the Costa Rican culture.